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Dreaming Big and Daring Greatly

September 28, 2017

Hong Kong night skyline

Being clear about what you want gives you purpose and something to work on. Whatever it is that you set out to do like traveling extensively and see the sights like the Hong Kong night view, the Northern Lights in Iceland, and more, dreaming big and daring greatly can help you accomplish your goals. Here are some of the many ways you can start creating the life you want.

1. List down exactly what you want to be and where you want to be in life at specific points in time. Write whatever t is that comes to mind. Avoid editing yourself as vision-setting is not about being right or wrong. You just have to identify whatever it is that matters to you most.

2. Be tenacious and keep your sights set on what you really want. It helps you avoid wasting time and energy dwelling on what you do not want. Once you create a compelling vision, you harness the positive energy that pushes you to do whatever it takes to achieve it.

3. Prepare to adjust if needed. Your vision does not have to be set in stone that you would be unwilling to improve on it if necessary. It is always possible for life priorities to change or to have a new dream. Setting visions can be a lifelong process, especially if you continually higher aspirations in life.

4. Keep track. Creating a vision for your life is only the beginning. It is how you work on making it happen that is the key to the success of your plans. You have to take action and keep track of your progress every day. Every small step and effort you invest towards realizing your vision brings you closer to your end-goals.

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