Taking a Finishing Nailer with You

June 24, 2018

Need to do some handyman nailing duties somewhere far? Don’t worry; you can take a handy finishing nailer with you! In an article that features the comparison of finish nailers, we learned that there are portable nailers available for the handyman who can’t stop building wherever he/she is. Now, nothing’s gonna stop you from being a handyman even when you’re out of town!

Below are the three advantages of bringing a cordless finish nailer on your next trip.

Quick Setup

Hitachi-NT65MA4Cordless finish nailers are also best for traveling because they don’t take a lot of time to prepare for use. If you’ve been using a pneumatic one, then you know that setting it up (starting from getting it out to the truck up to your first shot) will take around seven minutes. Fortunately, with a cordless one, it’ll only take you half a minute. Isn’t that a lot more favorable? It’s best to use a cordless finish nailer when you also have to work at the back of a house or upstairs. With one, you can save more time and effort. Hooray for finish nailers with no cords!

Easy maintenance

Compared to a pneumatic nailer, a cordless one has fewer parts. The latter is more ideal to bring when you need to travel with your handyman tools because you don’t have to check the hose for leaks, the couplers if they’re solid, if a power source is available in the place you’re headed to, or if the compressor is operating smoothly. You don’t have to set the alarm for checking the oil too. Cordless nailers only need a couple of batteries, and they’re good to go.

No annoying cord

PowRyte-Basic-100191This is the most significant advantage of all. A cordless nailer allows you to smoothly transfer from one point of your project to the next because it has no annoying dangling cord which you have to drag around. Its convenience prevents you from having to worry about tripping over the wire, changing your angle, balancing the nailer, and adjusting the boards because the cord’s length isn’t enough anymore. Thanks to a cordless nailer, you can work without interruptions, be more productive, and finish projects quicker. Plus, cordless nailers don’t produce a compressor noise, meaning you can use it anywhere without everybody in the area finding out what you’re up to.

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