Playing PlayStation games is a fantastic way to relax your mind after a long day of work or studies. Thus, you can make it more interesting by playing these new games which are readily available at different outlets around the globe. They have new concepts and quality graphics in regards to the advancement in technology.

Earth Atlantis

Imagine you are a hunter and your shooting journey begins in this sub-aquatic and gripping gameplay. The game features the concept that human civilization has fallen and 96% of the earth’s surface is underwater. Also machines have taken the shape of marine animals. Its an action, shooting game where you fight awesome battles by exploring the ruins of the old earth through a bullet hell. wrote a whole in-depth review of this. That I recommend reading.

Illusion: A Tale of The Mind

It was recently released on 1st June of this year. It’s one of the most mind captivating games just as its name sounds.

The game features the 1920’s Persian cabaret where its a puzzle exploration game. Action lovers can enjoy the game due to its mind-blowing gameplay techniques.

Malinoir  Malinoir is a stylish retro shooter where you are required to hunt for the truth and escape the city which is full of people chasing you for having the truth. It is a PS4 game which was released this year on 1st May.

Gekido: Kintaro’s Revange 

It’s an action beat-em up game which focuses on Ushi as the remaining master of of the ancient art of Shin-Ken who calls upon Tetsuo his adopted son.

Old Man’s Journey

This game is a soul-searching adventure game where the story is about life, loss, hope and reconciliation. It’s a story of life entrenched in a beautiful-sun-kissed world. It features a heartfelt journey where it’s interwoven with a lighthearted and pressure-free puzzle. Its mind tricks are captivating in that solving the puzzle requires you to jog your mind a bit.

No heroes Here 

Its now available online and across the globe at different outlets. The game requires co-operation and coordination for you to have victory. It’s a strategy game where you rally your friends and hold your ground. It’s interesting because you have to work together to protect the kingdom and castles from imminent doom. It supports one to four players.     Yoku’s Island Express  Its a world-style pinball adventure game where it entails a pinball mechanics across an open  world. The game has stunning visuals and a diverse world that needs to be explored.     Agony   Agony is an action, adventure game that requires you to survive in a horror and hell like world. You begin the game without any memories about your past and with a tormented soul. What’s interesting is the fact that you have the power to control people and also posses demons. This feature helps you to survive.


Its an action game about an adventurous shopkeeper who dreams of becoming a hero. It follows an everyday routine of Will with rogue-lite elements.

Street Fighter: 30TH Anniversary Collection 

The game highlights a series of past anthology of 12 classic titles. It has arcade-perfect balancing which includes: Street Fighter 1, Street Fighter 2 and Street Fighter 3.     You need to try out these games if you are a PSN fanatic. There are numerous chit codes for these games that help you to have victory in your gameplay.

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